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Accredited Appliance Repair Training Classes

Whether you want to start a new career or enhance your current one, the certified appliance repair training classes at Alliance Appliance are the place for you. Learn to repair appliances through quality instruction and benefit from our years of experience.

• Week 1: Electricity

• Week 2: Kitchen (cooking and dish appliances)

• Week 3: Laundry appliances

• Week 4: Refrigeration theory and teardown

• Week 5: Refrigeration sealed system and certification testing

Weekly training schedule

You'll get top-quality training from industry experts through our Whirlpool-certified training program. You'll also benefit from job placement assistance after graduating from the program, with the potential to work anywhere in the country.


For more information contact Frank Carbo, Sr., or Bill Petrolino, or call our office to learn more. 866-336-9068

Whirlpool-certified training

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Get the skills that can get you a job anywhere in the country with our training program.